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ACT NOW: Canada About to Approve Law School that Openly Bans LGBT Students


A law school in Canada that openly bars lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans students is within weeks of being approved.

However, if you take action today we may be able to stop this blatant discrimination.

While it seems impossible in this day and age, the Federation of Law Societies is about to grant Trinity Western University the right to qualify Canadian lawyers even though the private, evangelical university insists on explicitly barring (and expelling) LGBT students and faculty.

Within weeks, it could become the first-ever private law school in Canada, and the first law school to explicitly ban LGBT students.

By allocating some of the limited legal-entry positions to Trinity Western, the Federation of Law Societies will be creating a quota system where fewer law school places are available to LGBT students than to straight students.  The quota system was wrong when it was used against women and Jews, and it has no place in Canadian society today.

This brutal discrimination is being done in the distorted guise of “religious freedom.” While everyone is entitled to hold their religious beliefs, LGBT students deserve equal access to the limited number of positions in the legal education system. Banning them simply should not be allowed.

The Federation’s panel, making this decision behind closed-doors, believes it can quietly approve Trinity Western without a public uproar.

Egale Canada, Canada’s LGBT human rights organization, believes the members of the panel need to hear from you today. Tell them that a system favoring straight students and banning LGBT students has no place in Canada.

Time is of the essence. If enough people tell the panel that discrimination in law schools is unacceptable, they might end this destructive course of action. Please send your message today.

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If you prefer to contact them directly, the members of the panel are:


Contacts at the Federation are:

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