Meet the Egale Team

Board of Directors
Jacki Lewis, President
Susan Rose, Vice President
Robert Mitchell, Treasurer
Dan Irving, Secretary
Christine Wilson, Director-at-large
Arundel Gibson, Director-at-large

Executive Director

Helen Kennedy

Programs and Services

Ty Smith, Director of Programs and Services

Rebecca Benson, Indigenous Projects Coordinator and Facilitator

Faye Bontje, Training and Curriculum Developer

Frank Colosimo, Programs and Services Coordinator

Christine Hsu, Sports Inclusion Program Coordinator and Facilitator

Jaclyn Isen, HBSc, MA, MA(Ed), Training and Curriculum Developer

Iradele Plante, Seniors Program Coordinator and Facilitator

Michael Smith, Programs and Services Coordinator

Research and Policy

Kathleen Pye, BScKin, MSc, MEd, Director of Research and Policy

Alex Bucik, MA, Research and Policy Analyst

Celeste Ali-Akow, MA, Research Coordinator

Avery Ptolemy, Research Coordinator

Alexandra Simpson, Research Coordinator

Operations and Project Management

Kendall Forde, BSc, Director of Operations

Andrew Brousse, Operations Coordinator

Laura Hui, Operations Coordinator

Dennis Quesnel, Volunteer Coordinator


Ryan Lester, CFRE, Director of Development

Mark Fellion, Senior Development Officer

Heather Dougherty, Development Officer


Valentyna Kulesh, PCP, Senior Accountant

Egale Youth OUTreach

Dana Kamin, Program Manager

Ronnie Ali, Counsellor

Lucy Gallo, Counsellor

Nataleah Hunter-Young, Counsellor

Kevin Rambally, Counsellor

Ricky Rodrigues, Counsellor

Autumn Easterbrook, Peer Support Worker

Tobias Evans, Peer Support Worker

Jesse Hatch, Peer Support Worker

Aiden Low, Peer Support Worker

Habibi Ridha, Peer Support Worker

Martha Segovia, Peer Support Worker