2SLGBTQI Research

Our work begins from research to inform the education that is needed to build inclusive and accessible spaces for 2SLGBTQI people.

Research at Egale 

Research is the foundation of our work and informs everything we do at Egale. Centering 2SLGBTQI experiences, our research is community-based and action-oriented. The reports we publish are used nationally and worldwide to create positive change for 2SLGBTQI people.

Our research extends to a variety of topics related to 2SLGBTQI experiences.

We work with and for a variety of audiences across 2SLGBTQI communities and general public including sectors such as:

  • Employers & Employees 
  • Parents 
  • Seniors 
  • Youth  
  • Students & Educators 
  • Government  
  • International  
  • Sporting Organizations 


  • Employment and Workplace Inclusion 
  • Housing and Homelessness 
  • Safer Schools and Campuses 
  • Sports Inclusion and Recreation 
  • Faith 
  • Health Equity and Wellness 
  • Legal and Justice 
  • International Advocacy 

Featured Literature Reviews and Reports

  • Still In Every Class In Every School

    Over 10 years ago Egale Canada released Every Class in Every School (Taylor & Peter, 2011), the first report of its kind to reveal just how prevalent discrimination was for 2SLGBTQI students in Canadian secondary schools at the time. Today we are launching a new report, Still in Every Class in Every School (Peter, Campbell & Taylor, 2021), which reveals that…

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  • 2SLGBTQI Suicide Prevention Research in Canada: Evidence, Gaps, and Priorities

    PHAC Suicide and its Prevention Final Report, October 2021 Authors Olivier Ferlatte, PhD, École de santé publique de l’Université de Montréal and Centre de recherche en santé publiqueMaxim Gaudette, MA, École de santé publique de l’Université de Montréal and Centre de recherche en santé publiqueCeleste Pang, MA, PhD(c), Senior Research Officer, Egale Canada Report Roadmap…

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  • What 2SLGBTQI Youth in Esports Want

    2SLGBTQI youth gamers in Ontario see esports as a liberatory space, but all participants from our foundational research experienced and/or witnessed cyber violence on a regular basis. We asked youth participants how they would feel better supported; here are the results. With generous financial support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation Seed Grant Program, Egale conducted…

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  • Sports Inclusion in Canada: Literature Review

    Research confirms the numerous and growing physical and social benefits that sports offer: physical activity has long-term health benefits that include stress and anxiety reduction, positive cardiovascular impacts, and improvements in self-esteem and confidence. Sport has the potential to provide a space that brings people and communities together, where social interactions can facilitate empathetic connections…

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