LGBTQ youth who experience high levels of family rejection are more than 8 times as likely to report a suicide attempt and nearly 6 times as likely to report high levels of depression as peers with accepting families. – Family Acceptance Project, 2009

Want to be supportive but not sure where to start?

Family acceptance plays a critical role in health and mental well-being for LGBTQ youth.

A lot of families want to be accepting but with all the stigma surrounding LGBTQ identities they may not be sure where to start. Below are some ways you can support your LGBTQ youth:

  • Talk with your child or foster child about their LGBTQ identity.
  • Express affection when your child tells you or when you learn that your child is LGBTQ.
  • Support your child’s LGBTQ identity even though you may feel uncomfortable.
  • Advocate for your child when they are mistreated because of their LGBTQ identity.
  • Require that other family members respect your LGBTQ child.
  • Bring your child to LGBTQ-positive organizations or events.
  • Talk with clergy and help your faith community to include LGBTQ people.
  • Connect your child with an LGBTQ adult role model to show them options for the future.
  • Welcome your child’s LGBTQ friends and partners to your home.
  • Support your child’s gender expression and identity.
  • Believe your child can have a happy future as an LGBTQ adult.
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