Nearly half (43%) of trans students and one-third (32%) of lesbian, gay and bisexual students reported that staff never intervened in discriminatory comments.

Education is the key to change. – Egale Canada Human Rights Trust, 2011

Parental Rights:

“This goes against our rights to teach our children our own set of family values.”

  • As teachers, we do not condone children being removed from our classes when we teach about Aboriginal people, people of colour, people with disabilities, or gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people.
  • You can teach your child your own values at home. Public schools teach everyone about respecting diversity and valuing everyone.
  • Teachers and principals have a legal obligation to provide for the safety and inclusion of all students in our school.

(Note: Don’t enter into debates about meanings or merits of scriptural texts.)


It’s recruitment or teaching about sex!”

  • No one suddenly chooses to become lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans because they heard about the topic in school.
  • Anti-homophobia and anti-transphobia education at the elementary level does not include discussion about sex or sexual practices.
  • Secondary students need accurate information about relationships and safe sex. Lack of information can have significant consequences for youth.

Age Appropriateness:

“My child is too young for this topic!”

  • Children are already learning homophobic and transphobic slurs starting in primary years. My job is to make school safe and oppose all name calling.
  • All families deserve to be represented in the curriculum. The mandatory provincial curriculum includes diverse family structures.
  • It is our job as educators to teach accurate, up-to-date information to every child, including yours.