A recent Statistics Canada analysis of 2015 police-reported hate crime data provides important data related to violence and discrimination within LGBTQI2S communities.  While Statistics Canada reports a decrease in the number of attraction (sexual orientation) motivated hate crimes in 2015, police-reported incidents were more likely to be violent than other forms of hate crime. Additionally, attraction (sexual orientation) motivated hate crimes were more likely to be motivated by someone known to the victim, including a family member or acquaintance.

“While this data is based on police-reported data and does not speak to unreported acts of violence, including hate crimes committed against trans and gender diverse communities”, says Helen Kennedy, Executive Director of Egale Canada Human Rights Trust, “ this information provides a glimpse into the ongoing issue of discrimination against LGBTQI2S communities.

The Federal Government needs to be pro-active in addressing violent hate crimes against the LGBTQI2S people. Year after year the information released tells the same story and yet there is little to no response from the Government to address this violence in a meaningful way.