Belgium Legislates Same-Sex Marriage

These latest international developments come just as Canada’s national lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered rights group Egale Canada prepares to testify tomorrow before a Parliamentary Committee which is considering whether Canada should provide same-sex couples with the equal right to marry.


“While Canada dithers and navel-gazes, other countries are simply getting the job done,” said John Fisher, Egale’s Director of Advocacy. “A Parliamentary Committee is ‘studying the issue’ of equal marriage rights, but doesn’t even have draft legislation before it.”


“Canada prides itself on being a world leader when it comes to international human rights, but is falling behind other countries on issues of equality,” said Prof. Nicole LaViolette, who teaches international law at the University of Ottawa “The longer we drag our feet domestically, the less credibility we have to claim a leadership position on international human rights issues.”


“Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham has expressed support for equal marriage rights,” added Fisher. “We call upon Justice Minister Martin Cauchon to act now, introduce legislation and recognize same-sex couples as full citizens with the equal right to marry. Nothing less will fulfil our constitutional obligations.”


For more information:
John Fisher, Director of Advocacy, Egale Canada:613-230-1043; cell: 613-291-5187
Prof. Nicole LaViolette, University of Ottawa 613-562-5800 x 3305