John Tory Win Makes Support for Equal Marriage Unanimous

“Canadians for Equal Marriage wishes to congratulate the Ontario Tories for choosing a leader who supports equal marriage for same-sex couples,” said Alex Munter, Co-Chair of Canadians for Equal Marriage. “Now all three Ontario party leaders support equal marriage, which shows that there is indeed broad consensus in Ontario in favour of the fair treatment of gay and lesbian people.”


“Canadians for Equal Marriage congratulates John Tory for taking a clear and consistent stand in favour of fully marriage equality for same-sex couples,” said Cicely McWilliam, spokesperson for Canadians for Equal Marriage.


“The election of a leader who supports equal marriage should send a strong signal to Stephen Harper,” said Laurie Arron, Director of Advocacy of Egale Canada. “If he ever wants to be Prime Minister, he’s going to have to change his position on equality for gay and lesbian people. Otherwise the Conservatives will never make a breakthrough in Ontario.”


A survey released July 1 by the Centre for Research and Information on Canada and Environics found that the number of Canadians agreeing that gays and lesbians should be allowed to get married has increased. Currently, 57% agree, the highest level since CRIC first asked the question two years ago, and up from 48% in September 2003. The number disagreeing currently stands at 38%, down from 47% in September 2003. (see New Canada survey at )


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Laurie Arron, Egale Canada, 416-839-7178 (c), 613-230-1043 (o)