The Minister for Human and Minority Rights Suad Numanovic at the EU Ministerial IDAHO Meeting presented an LGBTI Package in the Western Balkans today, lead by the Government of Montenegro in partnership with the Williams Institute UCLA School of Law, and Egale Canada Human Rights Trust. The package offers 14 different programs in a comprehensive approach to combating homophobia/biphobia/transphobia, stigma and discrimination among LGBTI people in the Western Balkans.

The LGBTI Package can be downloaded here:

[button size=”large” type=”” color=”black” href=”” ]LGBTI Package for the Western Balkans [ENGLISH-PDF][/button]



[button size=”large” type=”” color=”black” href=”” ]LGBTI PAKET PROGRAMA ZA ZAPADNI BALKAN [MONTENEGRAN-PDF][/button]