Pink Triangle Services


331 Cooper Street, Suite 200
K2P 0G5

As a centre for the celebration of sexual orientation and gender diversity, PTS serves a vibrant and diverse community through support, education and advocacy services. We strive in our work to empower all Queer people in greater Ottawa, and to encourage their well-being and prosperity.
We are a champion for social change and social justice, embracing our community’s past while working towards a bright future for all. Through our commitment to community development and celebrating diversity, PTS provides meaningful support services, actively educates in the greater Ottawa area about Queer issues, and advocates for fair and equal rights.
We strive to create and maintain a positive and empowering atmosphere.
The nature of what we do is inherently supportive of people; the space we create as a community at PTS is one where both communication and action bear in mind the need for a strong and cooperative spirit. By helping to empower people through their unique strengths and by promoting a positive attitude, we hope to help each and every person coming through our doors along their personal journey.