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What is a GSA?

A Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) is an official student club with lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, two-spirited, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) and heterosexual student membership and one or two teachers who serve as faculty advisors. Students in a school with a GSA know that they have at least one or two adults they can talk to about LGBTQ matters. The purpose of a GSA is to provide a much-needed safer space in which LGBTQ students and allies can work together on making their schools more welcoming for all members of school communities, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. Such groups also function as safe havens and supports for students with LGBTQ parents, other family members, and friends.

Why have a GSA?

A GSA is a student-run group that provides a safe place for any and all students to meet and learn about all different orientations, to support each other while working together to end homophobia, and to raise awareness and promote equality for all human beings. In addition to being a group dedicated to support, it also strives to educate the surrounding areas and the community on different gender and equality issues. Equity and Inclusive Education Resource Kit

The Equity and Inclusive Education Resource Kit was designed to provide everyone in the school with information required to support the creation and maintenance of safer and more inclusive school communities.

In addition to the brief overview of significant Terms & Concepts you’ll find in this Introduction, there is a much lengthier section devoted to definitions further on as well as a section on Role Models & Symbols. All of this information should be helpful when planning events, assemblies, and projects in conjunction with the significant dates on the Queer Calendar. The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Guide provides strategies for starting and maintaining student groups pertaining to LGBTQ matters.

If you are an educator, check out the Information & Resources for Educators. If you are a guidance counsellor, check out the Resources for Guidance Counsellors. If you are an administrator, check out the Information for Administrators. If you are not a teacher, a guidance counsellor, or an administrator, give these sections to your teachers, your school counsellors, and your principal! There is also an Executive Summary of Egale’s Final Report on the First National School Climate Survey: Every Class in Every School.

Download the Kit and get started today!


LGBTQ Awards Scholarships & Bursaries

This is an alphabetical list of LGBTQ focused scholarships, awards and bursaries available for those studying in Canada.  Please see the corresponding links for further information regarding these opportunities including eligibility requirements, deadlines, etc… If you would like to list an opportunity here, or update an existent listing, please use the ‘Email-Us’ link found in the footer of this site.

Bill 7 Award

Bill 7 Award

–          LGBTQ first degree student

–          Financial need

Concordia University

Donald L. Boisvert Scholarship for Gay and Lesbian Studies

–          LGBTQ studies or commitment in LGBTQ communities

Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO)

ETFO Bursary—Persons with Disabilities, Visible Minorities, Aboriginal Persons, LGBT Persons

Imperial Sovereign Court of the Wild Rose Social Association

John M. Kerr Memorial Bursary Award

–          LGBTQ student

Lambda Foundation

Lambda Foundation Scholarships

–          Student research on LGBTQ topics

LGBTQ Youthline

The Spirit of Will Munro Award


–          Fund LGBTQ youth’s idea for event/business/project for LGBTQ community growth

LOUD Foundation

The Loud Scholarship

–          Demonstrate drive and passion to create awareness and change

Mark S. Bonham Charitable Foundation

Mark S. Bonham Scholarship for Queer Studies in Film and Video

–          LGBTQ student pursuing film or video studies that relate to the LGBTQ community

North Island College

Denise Forest Memorial Bursary

–          Comox Valley campus student

–          Financial need

–          Commitment to LGBTQ communities

Ontario’s Ministry of Education

Speak Up—Student-Led Teacher-Facilitated Projects Speak up! Students like you are the heart of any school. We want to make Ontario’s publicly funded education system better, and that starts with you! You have a voice, and we want to hear what you have to say about your education. We want to help you make your school a place where everyone feels welcome and where you are empowered to speak your mind, get involved and become active citizens and leaders. Grants are available for student-led projects. Change happens when people come together to work on a shared idea or goal.

Out on Bay Street

Out on Bay Street Scholarship

–          Role models in LGBTQ student communities

The Point Foundation (US)

National LGBTQ Scholarships

–          Academic achievement, leadership, and commitment in LGBTQ communities

–          Financial need

–          -US Scholars only

Pride Education Network

Diversity Scholarship

–          Graduating from British Columbia secondary school

–          Member of school’s GSA

–          Financial need

GSA Bursary

PEN Scholarships & Bursaries Page

Queen’s University

The OPIRG Positive Space Award

–          leadership in gender and sexuality diversity

University of Alberta

Michael Phair Leadership Award

–          Volunteer work in LGBTQ communities


Stephen and Lynn Mandel Graduate Scholarship in Sexual and Gender Minority Studies

–          Superior academic achievement and quality research focused on sexual and gender minority studies and their application in advocating for sexual and gender minorities in educational and community contexts.

University of Toronto

The Patricia and Douglas Dadson OSOTF II Scholarship

–          In Sexual Diversity Studies undergraduate program

–          Canadian citizen & Ontario resident

–          Financial need

–          Academic merit and leadership


The Jack Hallam UC ’52 Undergraduate OTSS Scholarship

–          In sexual diversity studies or LGBTQ students in other undergraduate program

–          Financial need & OSAP eligibility

–          Academic commitment and volunteer community service/activism


The Michael Prodanou OTSS Bursary in Sexual Diversity Studies

–          In Sexual Diversity Studies undergraduate program

–          Financial need

–          Academic commitment and volunteer work


The Sexual Diversity Studies OSOTF II Scholarship in University College

–          In Sexual Diversity Studies undergraduate program

–          Canadian citizen & Ontario resident

–          Financial need

–          Academic merit and leadership


Rainbow Triangle Alumni Association Award

–          Taking Sexual Diversity Studies core courses

–          Academic merit and leadership

–          No application


Emperor I Sergio Apolloni Memorial Scholarship

–          In Sexual Diversity Studies undergraduate program

–          Academic merit and leadership

–          No application


Pride and Remembrance Association OTSS Scholarship

–          In sexual diversity studies or LGBTQ students in other undergraduate program

–          Financial need

–          Academic commitment and volunteer community service/activism


The Bonham Scholarship for the Study of Issues in Sexual Diversity

–          No application


The LGBTOUT Student Award

–          Financial need

–          Academic commitment and volunteer community service/activism


The David Rayside Scholarships in SDS

–          Awarded based on academic merit

–          Graduating Student with Specialist Program in SDS

–          Undergraduates completing Specialist/Major in SDS combined with academic interest in study of Politics or demonstrated commitment to social justice.


Book Prize

–          No application

University of Windsor

Law Society of Upper Canada Education Equity Award

–          Minority group

–          Financial need

–          Leadership commitment

Windsor Law LGBT Scholarship

–          Financial need

–          Commitment in LGBTQ communities

UW Law Awards Page

York University

Sexuality Studies Academic Achievement Prize

–          Graduating sexuality studies student with highest GPA

Sexuality Studies Essay/Project Achievement Prize

–          Best undergraduate essay/project in sexuality studies course

Sexuality Studies Outstanding Student Contribution Award

–          Graduating sexuality studies student with most contribution to program development

Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto Bursary for Sexuality Studies

–          Sexuality Studies Student

–          Financial need

–          Canadian citizen and Ontario resident

York Scholarships & Awards Page

Youth Project NS

Graham Pinsent Memorial Bursary

–          Nova Scotia residents

–          LGBTQ student

Gordon Pinsent Bursary Application PDF

Canadian Safer Schools Network (CSSN)

The 2014 Canadian Safe School Network/TD Award For Excellence Against LGBTQ Youth Bullying.

– For publicaly funded school (Elementary or Secondary)

– For Initatives to counter LGBTQ bullying