Safer Schools

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Are your schools safe spaces?


of 2SLGBTQI students reported feeling unsafe at school.

Egale supports Canada’s vision of safer and accepting schools for all by delivering FREE professional development workshops to every school.

Workshops provide participants with:

  • A deeper understanding of the impact homophobia, biphobia and transphobia and feeling unsafe have on student success and performance;
  • Concrete strategies for creating safer schools for all students and staff by addressing homophobia, biphobia and transphobia with confidence;
  • Free comprehensive resources to support inclusive classroom teaching and school-wide strategies;
  • Opportunities to network and share resources with other schools and teachers.

We encourage you to attend with a school team that includes at least on administrator, though individual attendance is also welcome. These workshops are specifically designed for individuals who have had less exposure to 2SLGBTQI issues.

What educators & administrators are saying about these workshops:

“I have been to many workshops in the past 30 years, very few of them have actually shifted my thinking and galvanized me to action. But the information and synergy in this workshop were powerful. Believing in equity is not enough for me anymore. I intend to start moving this community.”

“This was one of the most comprehensive sessions on LGBTQ inclusion that I have attended. The focus on proactive strategies is powerful and easily applicable.”

“The workshop facilitators are very knowledgeable, intuitive and accepting. They created a safe space for us to learn and ask challenging questions of ourselves and others”