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Join Egale Canada for our new engaging workshop:

2SLGBTQI-Inclusive Political Campaigns

By completing this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn about the 2SLGBTQI aspects of common campaign issues such as employment and labour, housing, healthcare, education, and more – and why political candidates should care about the 2SLGBTQI aspect of these issues.
  • Learn how to engage with 2SLGBTQI communities during the election and year-round.
  • Learn ways to create an inclusive campaign environment for staffers, volunteers and constituents.


This training session is for political candidates, campaign staffers and volunteers, riding associations, and others who contribute to political campaigns and want to create more 2SLGBTQI-inclusive campaigns.


  • 2SLGBTQI-Inclusive Campaign Checklist
  • Summary of 2SLGBTQI Issues

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