Youth Suicide Prevention Summit

In May 2012, Egale Canada Human Rights Trust partnered with Ryerson University and TD Bank Group to host the first Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Two Spirit, Queer and Questioning (LGBTQ) Youth Suicide Prevention Summit in Canada. The Summit brought together over 50 experts from across Canada and the United States, including leading academics and researchers, educators, social service providers, medical professionals, coroners and medical examiners, public policy professionals, and LGBTQ and Aboriginal community leaders.

An intensive two-day knowledge exchange, the Summit served as a collaborative process for developing twenty evidence-based recommendations for ending LGBTQ youth suicide in Canada. The 2014 LGBTQ Youth Suicide Prevention Summit, hosted by Concordia University in Montreal, will build on the partnerships, recommendations and overall success of the 2012 Summit. The primary focus will be on sharing best practices and developing strategies for the implementation of the twenty recommendations developed in 2012. This will be a very intensive, “hands-on” event, with working groups focusing on three primary questions:

  1. What does implementation look like?
  2. Where might funding be sourced? and
  3. How can the initiative be communicated and promoted amongst policy and decision makers?


It is anticipated that the Summit will result in the development of four comprehensive implementation plans pertaining to the 2012 recommendations. The 2014 Summit, scheduled for 29-30 May 2014, will span two days with a larger reception on the evening of the first day. This reception will bring potential funding partners and high-level decision makers into the conversation and enable broader networking to promote the outcomes of the Summit.


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