By using this guidebook, you are taking an important step in familiarizing yourself with your child’s gender identity and gender expression. If you’re here, you might need a little help sorting through some of the complex emotions that come along with becoming an affirming adult, or you might need some assistance getting familiarized with the support skills that you need to help your child. Perhaps you might need a refresher on some basic terminology, or some links to some more resources. That’s exactly what we’re here for!

This Affirming Adults Guide is designed to support you as you support your child

When a child comes out as trans or nonbinary, their family also goes through a transition process, and it can feel like a race to know everything as quickly as possible. But remember; transition is not always linear, and neither is the process of learning. As educator Dr. Andrew Campbell says, “You don’t need to be in a hurry to know everything.” Take your time, give yourself the grace to make mistakes and ask questions in the learning process, and remember that you’re never alone. Being an affirming adult is a lifelong journey, and we’re so glad you’re here learning with us.

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Thank you to our partners, PFLAG Grand Falls-Windsor, PFLAG St. John’s and the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity