Aging and Living Well
Online Learning Activity

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Aging is far from a uniform experience. Social and systemic inequities affect different groups in different ways. The issues that older adults face can be very different, as can their priorities and ideas about what aging and living well mean.

This scenario-based learning eCourse follows the lives of four 2SLGBTQI aging adults. Key decision-points and reflection questions are embedded throughout the activity to help you identify gaps and inform service improvements. 

By taking this eCourse, you will:

  • Engage with real-life stories from the 2SLGBTQI older adult community.
  • Explore the challenges of 2SLGBTQI older adults in healthcare and social services, and the complexities in their daily decision-making.
  • Understand the intersectional issues affecting 2SLGBTQI older adults regarding housing, community, health, and disability.
  • Identify service gaps for 2SLGBTQI and other equity-denied communities within your organization.
  • Reflect on how to enhance service delivery with this new knowledge.

Who is this eCourse for?

  • Healthcare professionals who work with 2SLGBTQI older adults
  • Community and Health Service Networks
  • Social Institutions  
  • Policymakers
  • Anyone who wants to improve service gaps for 2SLGBTQI older adults


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To help you contextualize the stories and answer the reflection questions,
please refer to Egale’s Aging and Living Well Among LGBTQI Older Adults – Findings from a National Study. 

eCourse Companion Guide

This discussion guide accompanies the above scenario-based online learning activity informed by real-life experiences of 2SLGBTQI older adults.

Meet our 2SLGBTQI Adults


Joseph (he/him) is a 65-year-old cis queer Haitian Canadian man living in Montréal with his daughter Aline (25) and her son Prince (9). Joseph is recently retired and separated from his ex-wife.


Sarah (she/her) is a 75-year-old cis lesbian woman who has recently moved to a smaller town from Montréal to be closer to her daughter and grandchildren. She understands French but does not speak it well, and is now in a primarily French-speaking community.

Aadhavi and Alex

Aadhavi (she/her) is a 58-year-old Indian trans woman who is married to Alex (he/him), a 56-year-old Filipino cis gay man. Both have been living in Montréal for several decades. Aadhavi owns a local restaurant and has recently been diagnosed with cancer.

This eCourse and the Aging and Living Well project was funded by the Slaight Family Foundation

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