Through 2020-2022 Egale partnered with the National Institute on Ageing (NIA) to conduct research focused on better understanding the experiences and perspectives of 2SLGBTQI people living with dementia and primary unpaid carers* for 2SLGBTQI people living with dementia in Canada. 

The report discusses the significance of gender and sexual identity in experiences of living with dementia and providing care, the many ways that people become carers for 2SLGBTQI PLWD, and key needs, gaps, and strategies to mobilize networks of support. This discussion is relevant to the aging population, equity and healthcare access, and care work in Canada. Rooted in the research findings, the report provides specific action-oriented recommendations to build and enhance programming, policy, advocacy, and research. The report was co-authored by Dr. Ashley Flanagan and Dr. Celeste Pang.