A Resource Supporting End-of- Life Planning and Care Needs of LGBTQI2S Older Adults in Ontario

In this resource you will find:

  • your rights in end of life planning and care;
  • how to assert wishes with regard to end of life care through an Advance Care Directive;
  • selecting a substitute decision maker should one become “mentally incapable”;
  • how to outline wishes for material possessions, estate, and the resting of the physical body after life has ended;
  • tax benefits available to people who are older, have a disability, and/or care for someone who has a disability;
  • assessing preparedness for end of life planning; and
  • available resources and supports in Ontario for LGBTQI2S older adults.

This information is current to the time of publishing (2017). Please refer to resources or a legal professional for the most current information.