A majority of people living in towns (5,000 to 100,000) support same-sex marriage.
Support for Same-sex Marriage Grows the More Canadians Debate the Issue.
10 percentage point increase in support over Sept. 8th poll.
Support for Equality Is Strong among Supporters of All Parties, except Alliance.
60% of Liberal supporters support same-sex marriage; 36% oppose.
OTTAWA – After a long hot summer and autumn of debate about same-sex marriage, an Environics poll released yesterday shows support for same-sex marriage strong, and getting stronger.
57% of Canadians support the right of same-sex couple to marry, and only 42% oppose such a right, with only 3% having no opinion.
Back on Sept. 8th, just prior to the Alliance Party’s motion in Parliament against same-sex marriage, the media reported the results of an SES poll which found 47% support for same-sex marriage. Yesterday’s poll represents a 10 percentage point increase in support following the extensive (and at times inflammatory) public debate.
“These results show that Canadians strongly believe the Charter of Rights and Freedom’s principle of equality should apply to all Canadians. The poll also confirms what was clear in the Ontario election: candidates who stand on principle and speak out for equality will succeed at the polls,” said Ottawa City Councillor Alex Munter, a spokesperson for Canadians for Equal Marriage.
The results of both polls can be found directly on-line at:
Oct. 22nd Environics results: http://erg.environics.net/news/default.asp?aID=535
Sept. 8th SES Results: http://www.sesresearch.com/
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