What are esports? What do they have to do with cyberbullying and cyber violence? How can they be made safer and more inclusive of 2SLGBTQI youth?

Esports, or formal video gaming competitions, have become a large-scale social phenomenon and billion-dollar industry. They are a source of community, fun, and even income for many youth, including those who belong to the 2SLGBTQI community. At the same time, rates of cyberbullying against 2SLGBTQI people are high, and elements of esports culture can contribute to violence against marginalized groups including racialized people, women and girls, and 2SLGBTQI folks.

This literature review offers an overview of terms and concepts associated with esports and synthesizes key academic findings on cyber violence, government regulation of esports, and the role of ethics and accountability within the gaming community and industry. It is intended to be a resource for scholars and advocates looking for more information on gaming and esports, and about their impact on 2SLGBTQI youth in Canada.