This content is for general educational and information purposes. Remember to stop and take extra precaution if you feel any discomfort. Consult a healthcare worker or physical trainer for questions and concerns.

Make your space desirable to move in.

Open a window to allow in fresh air and create as much open space to move around as you can. 

Dress for the occasion.

Put on your best outdoor shoes and the clothes you feel best to be moving in and you’ll not only feel good, but look good too! 

Be consistent.

Be consistent with your efforts to keep moving. Try not to go more than two days without engaging in movement exercise. However, be gentle with yourself! It’s not about whether you forget or lose track, it’s about recommitting every day to try again. Every day is a fresh start to get back into it!

Let the music play!

Listen to one of your favourite albums or musical artists that always gets your body moving – close your eyes and feel the music. Pro tip: sing along! 

Call a friend.

Call up a friend on video to move together! It helps to not only keep yourself accountable, but you’re supporting someone else in reaching their goals as well. 

Keep track of your progress.

Whatever you end up doing, write it down! Journaling and keeping track of what you’ve already done will only serve to motivate you to keep up your progress!

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