In this video series, Aruna Boodram (they/she) addresses your common questions around 2SLGBTQI family planning and assisted reproductive technologies; covering topics such as surrogacy, sperm and egg donation, adoption, and much more. This series is intended for 2SLGBTQI community members who are thinking about starting a family using assisted reproduction, or have already done so, and still have some questions.  

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About our Host | Aruna Boodram (they/she)

Aruna is a queer, gender expansive community organizer and legal worker from the Caribbean diaspora based in Ontario. Aruna has been involved in grassroots organizing and frontline work for over nearly two decades. They are a community facilitator and educator who is grounded in abolition, decolonization, direct action and collective liberation. They are the autonomous parent of a thriving and resilient baby Sagittarius. Aruna has taught classes for 2SLGBTQI family planning since 2017 and has been a part of creating abolition, QTBIPOC and autonomous-based parenting and family spaces in person and online. Aruna is also the advice columnist for Shameless Magazine, council member for the Children’s Peace Theatre, and a National Family Advisor for the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation.


Episode 1: Introduction

Episode 2: Surrogacy

Episode 3: Egg Donation

Episode 4: Sperm Donation

Episode 5: Confidentiality & Information Privacy

Episode 6: Leftover Embryos

Episode 7: Parental Rights & Polyamorous Families

Episode 8: Adoption

Episode 9: Financial Considerations

Episode 10: Surrogacy “What If’s?”

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