“We at Canadians for Equal Marriage wish to congratulate Belinda Stronach for taking a stand in favour of equality,” said Laurie Arron, Political Coordinator of Canadians for Equal Marriage. “She understands that equal marriage is a human rights issue and that without equal marriage there cannot be true equality for lesbian and gay people.”


“Among former PC supporters, 57% support equal marriage for same-sex couples,” said Gilles Marchildon, Executive Director of Egale Canada. “Equal marriage is supported by members of all political parties and now Conservative supporters have a leadership candidate who shares their views on this issue. Support for equality is a core Canadian value and all parties should reflect this value.”


“If the Conservative Party wants to win the hearts of mainstream Canadians, it will have to choose a leader with an inclusive vision of Canadian society,” said Mr. Arron. “That’s why the Alliance has never had nation-wide support.”


“While Belinda Stronach supports inclusion of all Canadians, Stephen Harper has gone out of his way to deny equality,” continued Mr. Arron. “He has sunk considerable Alliance party resources into opposing equal marriage. Such divisive political tactics have no place in Canadian society.”


For more info:
Laurie Arron, Political Coordinator, Canadians for Equal Marriage: 416-928-1238 (o), 416-839-7178 (c)
Gilles Marchildon, Executive Director, Egale Canada : 613-230-1043 (o), 613-864-1133 (c)
See also www.equal-marriage.ca