In the 2SLGBTQI community, we spend our entire lives coming out, fighting for who we truly are. The nuance of the experience is what shapes us. Now imagine the fear of forgetting the person you’ve worked so hard to become, or being forced to abandon that progress of self-actualization. Help us write a happier ending.

The Canadian healthcare system isn’t equipped for us in the 2SLGBTQI community who get dementia. We might get equal care, but it’s often not up to par or inclusive of our specific needs. There is just so much more to lose than our memories.

Hear the real stories of
2SLGBTQI people impacted by dementia

For four decades, Jim has fought against stigma for people living with HIV/AIDS. Now he’s worried about what lies ahead with a heightened risk of dementia.

Richard and his partner have spent a lifetime fighting for queer rights. Now he wants to make sure that queer memories get to be passed on.

Tom spent five decades fighting for gay liberation for 2SLGBTQI people, and now he wants to make sure these communities are protected in the cognitive health and dementia care systems too.

Susan helped spearhead the modern trans movement in Canada, and now she wants to make sure that the next generation and their identities are reflected in our healthcare system.

Diane has spent a lifetime pushing for the recognition of indigenous and two-spirit identities in Canada, but worries that current supports for cognitive health and dementia aren’t enough for 2SGBLTQI people.

It wasn’t until later in life that Shoshana was able to be her true self as an open and proud trans woman, but as someone who knows what can be lost with dementia, she hopes her identity and memory stay intact despite being at higher risk for cognitive decline.

Here’s how you can help us remain. Let’s change the way 2SLGBTQI people with dementia are treated.

Read the research report to find out more about how our community is affected by dementia.


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