As individuals, and as a community, our stories are important. Share yours for a chance to be featured in Egale’s mini-documentary series, #HearOurStory.

#HearOurStory is a mini-doc series that speaks to people across the #2SLGBTQI community about the issues that impact their lives.

Egale has been working behind the scenes for your rights since 1986 and today we need your help.

Watch and share these stories from our friends and family about how Egale has impacted their lives, then join in and tell us yours.

Share your own stories, invite your social networks to support using #hearourstory and help Egale continue working to achieve it’s vision of a Canada, and ultimately a world, without homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and all other forms of oppression so that every person can achieve their full potential, free from hatred and bias.

Judy’s Story

#HearOurStory speaks to people across the 2SLGBTQI community about issues that impact their lives. We kick off with Judy Virago, a trans woman living in Toronto.

Kevin’s Story

Meet Kevin, a Catholic school teacher working with Egale to create more accepting environments for LGBTQ students.

Aeryn’s Story

Aeryn Pfaff is a gay man living in Toronto. His story touches on the effects of bullying in the school system, and what can happen when educators and administrators lack training and support. The time for change is now. Egale Canada works with teachers, students and administrators through the Safer Schools program.

Tommy’s Story

As a young volunteer at Egale, Tommy experienced first-hand the impact of his work. But, he still sees the need for social change and greater community involvement to create a safer, more accepting world.

Danielle’s Story

Constable Danielle knows homophobia is still alive in our community and all over the country: she’s the LGBT liaisons officer for the Toronto Police. Egale talks to her about how sexuality based hate crimes can be stopped and why the issue deserves everyone’s attention.

Kyle’s Story

We speak with Kyle about his journey in overcoming addiction, and the issues that face so many members of the LGBTQ community today.

Julian’s Story

Julian talks about his struggle to find safe and affordable housing, while coming to understand his gender identity.

Makumbu’s Story

Makumbu talks about the fear behind coming out as bisexual in an unsafe environment and shares a powerful message to others in her situation.

Gareth’s Story

Gareth opens up about living as a gay man in one of the most homophobic countries in the world, Jamaica, and coming to Canada as a refugee.

Chelsea’s Story

Chelsea is a gender-queer LGBTQ activist and artist who uses their creativity to evoke change in the small Newfoundland town of Corner Brook. But it wasn’t always this way. Shot on location in Newfoundland, Chelsea tells Egale about their struggle with identity and how it has shaped them into the leader they are today.

The Brunswick Four

In August of 2014, Egale launched the #HearOurStory project in order to bring to light the complex issues and impassioned people of the Canadian 2SLGBTQI community.

This #HearOurStory features Sue Wells of The Brunswick Four, a group of 4 Lesbians who were evicted from The Brunswick House Tavern for singing a song.

Michael and Larry’s Story

Michael and Larry, #2SLGBTQI seniors discussing their life and the future as they age.