Call for participants

Egale is looking for participants to interview in order to obtain a clearer picture of what the legal experiences of LGBTQI2S people in Central and Eastern Canada look like.

LGBTQI2S people often face legal issues whether or not these issues are tied to their sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. ​This can include ​intimate partner violence, workplace discrimination and harassment by law enforcement.

However, law enforcement and Canada’s Criminal Code have disproportionately targeted LGBTQI2S communities in the past, and many see traditional legal services as an extension of that system. As a result, many LGBTQI2S people have a fear of or have experienced discrimination when accessing legal support.

Share your experiences ​with the Canadian legal system with us and help ​ensure future legal policies, practices and services ​are more inclusive and culturally competent. 

This project was approved by the Ontario Tech Research Ethics Board (approval number 19858) on April 23, 2020

Participants must:

  • Identify as LGBTQI2S*
  • Be 16+ years of age
  • Reside in Eastern ​or Central Canada**
  • Have had a ​serious legal issue within the last 3 years
  • ​Be available for a one-hour one-on-one interview via telephone, Zoom, Skype or other medium

* This particular study is looking for individuals that identify as a sexual minority, this includes the overlap or intersection of gender minorities. If you are a gender minority, but do not identify as a sexual minority, we recommend participating in the trans national study that is being done on this topic by the Community-Based Research Canada and the University of Victoria. Please contact Ben Klassen,

**To participate in Western Canada study, contact Ben Klassen,

A $50 honorarium will be provided to participants who qualify for, and complete, the study

Should you have questions or concerns, contact

The research gathered will give voice and representation to inform and change legal policies, practices, and services for LGBTQI2S people in Canada.