Re: Major ingredients missing in CBC’s Great Canadian Baking Show (editorial, Oct. 30):

We are far past the days of being able to make discriminatory comments in the news and get away with it. John Doyle’s critique of Dan Levy for his “feyness” was homophobic, misogynist and completely uncalled for. A line has been crossed and an apology is necessary.

Dan Levy was not only right to call this an act of discrimination, but also has done so quite eloquently by drawing attention to the need for education on the topic of homophobia and LGBTQI2S rights in general. After Doyle’s comment, we are left with the question – why would anyone think that it is ok to use someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity as a basis for criticism?

The answer is that it isn’t, and the mere fact that anyone believes it is ok, means there needs to be more education focussing on anti-discrimination, especially as it relates to the LGBTQI2S community in Canada.

Bravo to all the Canadians who caught this, saw that it was wrong, and called it out.



Helen Kennedy,
Executive Director at Egale Canada,
Toronto, ON