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Dear Minister Petter,

EGALE congratulates you for supporting the equal right of same-sex couples to marry. We recognize that this is consistent with a long-standing commitment of the B.C. Government to equality, and that B.C. has already taken numerous steps to eliminate sexual orientation discrimination and provide equal treatment for those in same-sex relationships.


We understand that you are currently considering the application by EGALE Board member Cynthia Callahan and her partner Judy Lightwater for a marriage licence. EGALE has recently completed research for the Law Commission of Canada on jurisdictional issues relating to marriage, and the Law Commission has agreed to allow us to provide the following excerpts from this research to the Attorney General’s office to assist in its deliberations. As this research has not yet been translated or published, the Law Commission has requested that it be treated as confidential for the time being and not used by the B.C. Government for other than internal purposes. Based upon this research, we would urge you to approve the issuance of a marriage licence, for the reasons detailed in the attached submissions.


Please feel free to contact us if there is any further information or assistance we can provide. I note that I will be in Vancouver from June 19 -24 and in Victoria from June 24-27, and both I and Ms. Callahan would be happy to meet to discuss these important issues further. I can be reached through the contact details set out on EGALE’s letterhead or on my cellphone at (613) 291-5187.


Thank you for your consideration of this matter. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours very truly,
John Fisher
Executive Director, EGALE