We’re getting ready to launch our new Egale campaign m.bodiment!

Let’s challenge the narrow popular images of gay, bi, trans & queer men’s bodies

postcard-back Casting Call: We’re looking for models to pose nude. Empower yourself and others. It’s time to talk about our bodies

Send us a clothed photo with your name, age, city and how you identify to m.bodiment@egale.ca

Here’s the problem

Until recently, the representation of gay, bi, trans, and queer men’s bodies has been very rigid and narrow, leaving little room for variation in shape, size, colour, ability, and age. This messaging implies the only form of attractiveness is what we see presented to us in mainstream media. This may seem harmless to some, but to those who do not fit within those narrow guidelines (which is most men), it is highly poignant. Its impact is powerful and long lasting. We could even say that our ideals of attractiveness in a partner are influenced by these images too. The problem is that most men don’t look like that image presented to us, even the models in those ads. Within the digital era, image modification has created a fantastical, false image of ‘manhood’, that is practically unattainable. This is a problem as these narrow standards can lead to discrimination against those who deviate from them and discourage men from pursuing other positive traits that would be perceived as unmanly by these standards.

So how do we change this?

Join Egale as we challenge the norm and strive to change how men’s body image is represented. Let’s create safer and inclusive spaces for gay, trans, and queer men and celebrate the diversity in all men’s bodies.

Together we’ll create

Undressed and Understood
Celebrating the breadth of gay, bi, trans, and queer men’s embodiment.