December 15, 2023

At a time when trans and gender diverse people are facing increased violence, harassment, and hate, our leaders should be focused on encouraging inclusion. But some conservatives have instead chosen to spread transphobia in order to spark outrage and gain attention on social media. This is irresponsible and dangerous. 

For many trans and gender diverse people, gendered washrooms (typically labelled “Men’s” and “Women’s”) are a place where harassment and violence can occur if they are perceived to be in the ‘wrong’ space. This is why it is so important to take steps to make washrooms inclusive for everyone. 

You do not have to be a cisgender woman to menstruate. Two Spirit, trans, and nonbinary (2STNB) people also need access to menstrual products. The news that free menstrual products must now be available in all employee washrooms in federally regulated workplaces is a move in the right direction. 

With the rising cost of everyday items including menstrual products, 2STNB people will benefit from the financial relief of this initiative. Trans people are more likely to experience poverty than cisgender people. In 2020, more than one in five (20.6%) nonbinary people lived in poverty, more than twice the national rate (Statistics Canada, 2021).

Egale Canada encourages all employers to follow the lead of the federal government, and to access our resources for more information on how to make washrooms inclusive for everyone.

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