Our community mourns after a global tragedy and must now band firmly together

vigilWe are deeply saddened by the deplorable hate crime that was committed in Orlando this morning. Our thoughts and sympathies go out to the victims of the Pulse Nightclub massacre, their loved ones, and any others affected by this senseless tragedy. When a violent act targeting members of the LGBTQI2S community becomes the worst mass-shooting in US history, the sense of hurt and loss resonates globally.

As further details surrounding these events come to light, it is imperative that we find solace in solidarity with each other, and not reflect the hatred that was demonstrated this morning. While the LGBTQI2S community in North America has enjoyed considerable progress in the last decade, today is a reminder that many continue to wish violence and death upon those who identify and love as they please. We must honour the victims of this tragedy by continuing to embrace inclusivity in the face of adversity, and demonstrate that hatred and violence accomplish nothing of value or merit.

We will remember the victims of Orlando as we continue to fight for a world free of prejudice, violence, and oppression towards its LGBTQI2S citizens.