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On June 22, 2022, we spent the evening celebrating 2SLGBTQI youth and allies across the country working to build more inclusive schools. Our Queer Prom is a safer, inclusive space for 2SLGBTQI and ally youth to be themselves, connect, and celebrate their identities. Watch performances from queer icons, artists, and performers!


Greg and Mitch of AsapSCIENCE are YouTube stars, comedians, and queer educators. They began their journey as scientists, and transformed their passion into a force for inspiring their 9+ million YouTube fans. When they’re not creating viral video content, they use their platform to speak on environmental change, queer voices in STEM, and how science can shape cultural movements.

Icesis Couture

As a proud Canadian and Salvadorian, Icesis Couture has an illustrious drag career spanning 15 years. As the current reigning Canada’s Drag Race winner, this Queen of the North’s love for the art of drag and the creative outlet it provides is what fuels her to keep evolving and pushing the boundaries of her art

Hasheel & Sanjina

Hasheel is a South Asian Queer Hindustani Classical Musician. He is trained in vocals as well as the Bansuri (Indian flute) and has been learning North Indian Classical music since the age of five. Inspired by Indian bridalwear, Hasheel pushes gender fashion norms that exist in and outside of India. His music mixes hip-hop, electronica, R&B, and Bollywood with a steady undertone of traditional Indian Classical.

Sanjina is a shining alter ego born out of confidence, courage, and freedom. After struggling to initially find acceptance in her community, this Fijian beauty chose not to retreat, and instead greets every new drag opportunity with love and openness. From costume to music to dance – she wants to share her pride and show the world that there’s nothing more beautiful than when cultures come together to create space for something empowering and new.

Frankie Cena

Frankie Cena is a TV host, singer and reality television personality. Starring in the original Netflix series, Sing On!, Frankie sang his way to win the series and take home more than $40,000. He is currently seen on Channel 4 and HBO Max’s The Bridge where he is competing to win 200K by building a bridge in Vietnam.

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