Toronto—A survey released today by the Centre for Research and Information on Canada and Environics showed a large jump in support for equal marriage for same-sex couples. An earlier survey, done in September 2003, showed 48% of Canadians in favour of equal marriage and 47% opposed. Today’s survey showed 57% of Canadians in favour of equal marriage and 38% opposed, meaning 9% of Canadians have changed their minds.
“This survey shows that Canadians understand that equal marriage is a civil rights issue,” said Laurie Arron, Political Coordinator for Canadians for Equal Marriage. “The election appears to have had a profound impact on Canadians’ appreciation for the Charter. Through the election, Canadians thought long and hard about what the Charter means and have a renewed understanding of the importance of protecting everyone’s Charter rights. They have come to understand what the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. often said, that ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’”
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