Our Impact

Our Impact

Making a REAL Impact on 2SLGBTQI Issues

Egale’s pillars of work begins from community-based research to inform the education that is needed to build inclusive and accessible spaces for 2SLGBTQI people. From here, our awareness programs rise to give a voice to our communities and inform the public of today’s most pressing issues. As more voices are gathered and allies are inspired towards activism, legal advocacy is facilitated to ensure that the work we do is lasting and reflected at all levels of government and beyond.

Our 2023 Impact Highlights

An overview of the 2023 impact we made in numbers.


Individuals Trained in 2SLGBTQI Inclusion


Workplace Inclusion
Trainings Delivered


Inclusive School
Trainings Delivered


Research Projects Conducted


Academic Partners Collaborated With


Resources Created
in English and French


Resource Downloads


Awareness Campaigns Launched


Court Intervention


Advocacy Letters and Statements Published

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Looking Back on 2023

In 2023, we published six research reports sharing our findings from various fields of 2SLGBTQI-related research. Our research spanned from how there are persistent gaps in service delivery and quality of healthcare and mental healthcare to how LGBTQI older adults perceive aging and living well. We have several more research projects underway, including a national study on the employment, unemployment, and underemployment experiences of Two Spirit, trans, and nonbinary people. See our latest research publications.

Education is essential in building more inclusive and accessible spaces for 2SLGBTQI people. Through inclusive workplace trainings to safer school initiatives, our educational resources allow everyone, no matter what level of knowledge they hold, opportunities to contribute to a society where everyone is equal, and none are other. In 2023, 4,200 people participated in 142 trainings we delivered this year! We engaged 18 schools, and 47 workplaces that ranged from corporate to healthcare and government.

In 2023, we released 8 awareness campaigns that garnered a total of 182 mentions in news media. We created 120 resources in French and English that contributed to more than 37k downloads and 155k visitors to our website. Our social media channels saw nearly 13 million views and impressions. With the current rise in anti-2SLGBTQI hate, our visibility matters more than ever.

This was a busy year for us in our legal advocacy efforts. Egale is taking on the fight to protect the rights of the most vulnerable members of our 2SLGBTQI communities with noteable court cases in Saskatchewan and New Brunswick – cases focused on trans and gender diverse youth.

None of this work would be possible or meaningful without the attention, participation, and support of our generous community, allies, partners, and funders.

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