Why Egale?

Egale Canada is considered an expert in creating inclusive schools due to our longstanding commitment to 2SLGBTQI rights and advocacy within educational settings.

Reasons why Egale Canada is recognized for its expertise in fostering inclusivity within schools:

  1. Research: Egale conducts research and advocacy work to identify barriers to inclusivity within schools and develops evidence-based strategies to address them. This research-driven approach enhances our expertise in creating inclusive educational environments.
  2. Collaboration with Schools: Egale collaborates with schools, school boards, community organizations, and government agencies to implement inclusive practices and programs. These partnerships allow Egale to leverage resources and expertise from various sectors to create more comprehensive and sustainable approaches to inclusivity.
  3. Advocacy Efforts: Egale advocates for the rights of 2SLGBTQI students and educators, pushing for policy changes, resource allocation, and cultural shifts that promote inclusivity and equality within schools.
  4. Experience and Track Record: Egale has a long history of working within educational settings to promote 2SLGBTQI rights and inclusivity. Over the years, they have accumulated experience, insights, and best practices that contribute to their expertise in creating inclusive schools.

By combining these factors, Egale Canada has established ourselves as a leading authority on 2SLGBTQI inclusivity within educational settings, earning recognition for our expertise in this crucial area.

Survey Says…

After taking our workshops, 82% of participants feel better equipped to share knowledge of 2SLGBTQI identities and experiences in their classrooms and with others across the school community.