2SLGBTQI Action Around Elections

How do Elections Impact 2SLGBTQI Communities? 

Legal Protections: Elections determine the policymakers who make decisions about laws affecting 2SLGBTQI rights. This includes laws related to discrimination, marriage equality, adoption, healthcare access, and more. Electing officials who support 2SLGBTQI rights can lead to the passage of laws that protect and promote equality.

Social Progress: Elections can influence societal attitudes towards 2SLGBTQI individuals. Electing officials who are allies or members of the 2SLGBTQI community can help challenge stereotypes, reduce stigma, and promote acceptance and understanding.

Healthcare Access: Elections often have consequences for healthcare policies, including access to HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, mental health services, and transgender healthcare. 2SLGBTQI people may face unique healthcare needs and challenges, and electing officials who prioritize 2SLGBTQI healthcare can improve access and quality of care.

Safety and Security: Hate crimes and discrimination against 2SLGBTQI individuals remain significant issues in Canada. Electing officials who prioritize combating hate crimes and promoting 2SLGBTQI safety can help create safer communities.

In summary, 2SLGBTQI people should care about elections because they have a direct impact on 2SLGBTQI rights, representation, social attitudes, healthcare access, and safety. By participating in elections and supporting candidates who prioritize 2SLGBTQI issues and people, we can help create a more inclusive and equitable society.

Upcoming Federal Election
  • Oct 19, 2025
Upcoming Provincial Elections
  • Oct 19, 2024: British Columbia
  • Oct 21, 2024: New Brunswick
  • Oct 28, 2024: Saskatchewan
Upcoming Municipal Elections
  • Oct 17, 2024: Yukon Elections
  • Oct 19, 2024: Nova Scotia
  • Oct 21, 2024: Northwest Territories
  • Nov 13, 2024: Saskatchewan

^ All dates listed are the last possible day the election can take place and may not be the actual election date.