Meet our Inaugural Visiting Scholars In Residence

Meet our Inaugural Visiting Scholars In Residence

Egale is thrilled to announce our inaugural 2021 Visiting Scholars in Residence. At Egale, we believe that the facilitation of community-based research connections between university scholars and researchers and 2SLGBTQI communities across Canada is essential to breaking down barriers and moving our society forward.

Dr. Wesley Crichlow

Dr. Crichlow is a transformative scholar on theoretical frameworks such as (a) Critical Race Theory (CRT), which reminds us that racism and anti-Black Racism (ABR) are permanent; (b) holding Canadian Anti-Black Racism (ABR) as a point of departure, interrogating racist structures of slavery and coloniality engaging to advance Black humanity meaningfully with CRT; and (c) Intersectionality, a tenet of CRT, to address not just the intersections of race and gender, but the convergence, complex and multifaceted issues of ABR,  reminding us that there is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single issue lives (Lorde, 1984).

​Dr. Crichlow’s appointment comes as Egale centres itself on research concerning on-going anti-Black racism and racial injustices, and the challenges faced by Black queer communities across Canada.

Dr. Morgan Holmes

Dr. Holmes is an internationally recognized scholar who combines Critical Disability Studies, Queer Scholarship, Critical Intersex Studies, Collaborative/Community-based Ethnography, and Racial and Gender Justice.

Dr. Holmes’ residence with Egale comes as we drive forward initiatives for intersex human rights in Canada.

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