See the Person. Not the Label.

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One word doesn’t tell the whole story.

It’s impossible to define any person with just one word. But, for many trans people that’s their reality. Too often, they’re defined only by their transness, and not by the countless other things that make up who they are. If more people took the time to look closer, they’d see human beings with hopes and dreams and unique stories to tell. People with good days and bad days. People to look up to. Athletes. Musicians. Performers. This Pride season, take a closer look at three of their stories below.

Photosensitivity Warning: The following videos contain flashing lights and rapid changes in light intensity.


Lucas was the founder and frontman of the rock band The Cliks, and is now a solo artist. When he signed with Warner Music’s Tommy Boy/Silver Label in 2006, he made history as the first openly transgender man to ever sign a major label record deal. Lucas’ sound has evolved over the years, from his beginnings in folk and acoustic guitar to a heavier and more electric rock influence today. He’s been performing live music for over 25 years at iconic venues like Red Rocks and Radio City Music Hall and has also toured with Cyndi Lauper.


Never one to be considered a shy kid, Jazmine was a natural-born performer. Her childhood love for singing and dancing followed her from her native Trinidad to Canada. As a teen, she began to experiment with other forms of expression, including makeup and fashion. But when she found the ballroom scene, she instantly knew she’d found her place. Today Jazmine is an accomplished performer, model, and a house mother to five 2SLGTBQI youth.


Like thousands of small town Canadian kids, Jessica’s story started on a backyard hockey rink. For her first 18 years, she lived and breathed the game, and had dreams of going pro. But those dreams fell short, and she made the difficult decision to walk away from hockey. For the next seven years, she worked various jobs, until a side gig teaching people how to skate reignited her passion for the game. She trained, she grinded, and at 27 years old she got drafted, making her the first transgender woman to ever play professional hockey.

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