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Move your organization toward equitable diversity & inclusion.

Our team is here to support you on your journey to becoming more inclusive. We believe in meeting you where you are and taking it from there.

Egale offers first in class inclusion training across every sector. Our expert facilitators and custom workshops have the ability to cover everything from the basics to advanced training on specific areas of 2SLGBTQI inclusion. Whether you’re looking to make your school more welcoming, engage your employees and improve culture or you are simply looking to keep up with the times – we’ve got a training or workshop for you.

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Workplace Inclusion for Gender and Sexual Diversity

Egale offers private, public and not-for-profit sector organizations reliable, high-quality training and development for professional, management and organizational development on both a local and national scale. We aim to help clients develop the strategy, motivation, and accountability required to foster 2SLGBTQI inclusion and safer space.

Egale promotes and fosters the human rights and equitable inclusion of Two Spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, and intersex  (2SLGBTQI) people in community, schools, and work through consultation, programs and services, training & development and community engagement.

By recruiting, retaining and advancing 2SLGBTQI employees, organizations increase their ability to compete for talent, minimize attrition costs, and gain wider access to 2SLGBTQI consumer markets.

There is greater demand for and increased value of companies stocks because of expected benefits of diversity and inclusion policies. Top 5 companies with currently most popular stocks have LGBTI inclusive policies in place  – CNN Business, 2019


of LGBTQ employees in Canada report experiencing discrimination in the workplace compared to only 3% of non-LGBTQ employees


of trans people are turned down or suspect they were turned down for a job because they were trans


of openly 2SLGBTQI people leave their workplaces because they feel unwelcome or unsupported by management.


of the top 50 Fortune 500 companies feel that diversity policies (including sexual orientation and gender identity) are good for business.


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One-hour presentation

90-min Interactive Webinar

An introduction to 2SLGBTQI identities and common workplace inclusion practices.

Designed and delivered by leading subject matter experts in Canada, our compelling virtually facilitated 90-minute interactive webinar on Workplace for Gender and Sexual Diversity teaches participants to create supportive conditions and foster positive interpersonal and institutional relationships with 2SLGBTQI identifying stakeholders.

Our webinar helps audiences build their allyship skills and capacity for culturally informed practice through a structured presentation, first-person case scenarios, and expert Q&A. Participants leave the webinar with both inspirations and tips for beginning to effect positive changes across the organization.

Join us in building inclusive schools with our crafted collection of live facilitator-led webinars! Choose from a range of webinar topics, including:

  • Introduction to 2SLGBTQI Inclusion: This webinar is the perfect starting point (or refresher) for educators looking to build more inclusive schools 
  • Cyberbullying and 2SLGBTQI Youth: Designed to build on current anti-bullying efforts within schools, this live webinar equips educators with practical tools to prevent and address cyberbullying targeted towards 2SLGBTQI students 
  • Faith and 2SLGBTQI Youth: This webinar will help educators bridge the gap between faith and identity as it relates to 2SLGBTQI youth 
  • Trans and Nonbinary Youth: This webinar is meant to help educators understand the unique experiences and challenges faced by trans and nonbinary students 

For our limited free live webinars for Ontario-based educators, check out our available dates here!

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Egale has a history of supporting international development assistance goals

Egale delivered LGBTQI inclusion training sessions for the national law enforcement services in Montenegro (2012) and St. Vincent and Grenadine (2017), as part of the Report Homophobic Violence, Period program in partnership with the Toronto Police Service.

Egale collaborated with the Commonwealth Secretariat to identify the states that are prime for the national law enforcement training and worked with various national and international civil society organizations for delivery of trainings overseas.

Contact a member of our team to learn more.

Register for a Free Webinar

Draw the Line Against Transphobic Violence in Schools

Join us for Draw the Line Against Transphobic Violence, a free, 90-minute, instructor-led webinar that will help participants recognize and intervene in these harmful dynamics, and build skills for fostering cultures of consent, gender inclusion, and healthier relationships overall.

Cyberbullying and 2SLGBTQI Youth

Designed to build on current anti-bullying efforts within schools, this live webinar equips educators with practical tools to prevent and address cyberbullying targeted towards 2SLGBTQI students. Participants will gain a better understanding of the context and impacts that bullying has on 2SLGBTQI youth both online and in the classroom.

Trans & Nonbinary Youth

The following resources are companion pieces to our Trans and Nonbinary Youth webinar. The webinar aims to help educators understand the unique experiences and challenges faced by trans and nonbinary students. This resource is designed to support the work of bringing critical learning and conversations about trans, nonbinary, and gender diverse identities and experiences into school communities.

Webinar Series

Building Inclusive Schools

Bâtir des écoles inclusives

Join us in building inclusive schools. This year, we are hosting dozens of free live webinars for educators and school staff. Topics will cover an introduction to 2SLGBTQI inclusion in schools, cyberbullying, faith and 2SLGBTQI youth, and trans & nonbinary inclusion. Check out our schedule and register today.

Joignez-vous à nous pour bâtir des écoles inclusives. Cette année, nous tenons des dizaines de webinaires gratuits en direct pour le personnel enseignant et dans les écoles. Les sujets comprendront une introduction à l’inclusion de la communauté 2SLGBTQI dans les écoles, la cyberintimidation, la foi et les jeunes personnes 2SLGBTQI, ainsi que l’inclusion trans et non binaire. Consultez notre horaire et inscrivez-vous aujourd’hui.

2SLGBTQI Inclusion for Mental Health and Social Service Providers

This 90-minute interactive webinar serves as an “inclusion 101” training for mental health and social service providers.

L’inclusion 2SLGBTQI dans la fourniture de services sociaux et de santé mentale

Ce webinaire interactif de 90 minutes sert de formation de base en matière d’inclusion pour les personnes qui fournissent des services sociaux et de santé mentale.