The path towards creating a 2SLGBTQI-inclusive workplace needs to be a year-round journey. Egale offers three levels of Workplace Inclusion packages to support your organization’s 2SLGBTQI Inclusion journey.

Packages Compared

Inclusive Workplaces 101 Workshop  
Inclusive Workplaces 201 Workshop *coming soon*  
Inclusive Workplaces Considerations
for Leadership Workshop
Additional Inclusive Workplaces workshops✔ 1 Pre-Selected✔ 1 Pre-Selected✔ 3 Pre-Selected
Speaking Engagements ✔ 1 Pre-Selected✔ 2 Pre-Selected✔ 3 Pre-Selected
Exclusive access to Egale’s Inclusive Workplaces and EDI resources
Policy Consultation and Review✔ 1-2 ✔ 3-5
Name on Egale’s website 
Mention in Egale’s Annual Report 
End-of-Year Impact Report highlighting your company’s progress towards 2SLGBTQI inclusion in the workplace

Customizable Pre-Select Options: 

Inclusive Workplaces – Additional workshops: 

  • Inclusive Workplaces 101 
  • Inclusive Workplaces 201 (Coming Soon)
  • Trans Inclusion for people managers (90min webinar ) 
  • Trans Inclusion for employees (90 min webinar) 
  • Workplace Inclusion Considerations for Leadership 
  • 2SLGBTQI Inclusion for Social Workers and Mental Health Professionals 
  • Sports Inclusion for Gender and Sexual Diversity
  • 2SLGBTQI History in Canada  

Speaking Engagement Topics

  • Trans and Nonbinary Inclusion 
    • A personal story or Informative keynote 
  • Bisexual and Pansexual Identities 
    • A personal story or Informative keynote 
  • Pride Season  
    • Informative keynote (topic TBD – ie. rising hate) 
  • The Changing Reality of Canadian Families: 2SLGBTQI Parents and their Children 
    • Webinar 
  • Global Divide on SOGIESC Rights 
    • Webinar