Speaking Engagements

Discover insights from Canada’s leading 2SLGBTQI subject matter experts.  

Available for events, panels and other speaking opportunities, our engaging speakers cover a range of 2SLGBTQI-related topics such as education, employment, family, hate crimes, healthcare, intersectionality, legal rights, queer politics, and many more. 

Gain valuable knowledge to foster a more inclusive and safer environment while celebrating Canada’s diverse identity at your event.  

Speaking Engagement and Panel Topics: 

Trans and Nonbinary Inclusion 

In this talk on trans and nonbinary inclusion, we will explore strategies to create supportive environments that respect and affirm diverse gender identities. By addressing social, legal, and institutional barriers, we can foster a more inclusive and equitable society for everyone. 

Global Divide on SOGIESC Rights 

Exploring the global divide on SOGIESC (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression, and Sex Characteristics) rights reveals stark contrasts in acceptance and legal protections for 2SLGBTQI individuals across different regions. This discussion will address the challenges and progress in bridging these gaps to ensure universal human rights and dignity for all. 

Pride Season 

Changing from year-to-year, this speaking engagement will kick off with Egale’s latest Pride Season campaign, touch on current contexts and issues facing our 2SLGBTQI communities and equip participants with latest inclusion resources and hands-on tools for allies. 

Additional speaking engagements are available upon request.