Why Egale?

Egale offers private, public and not-for-profit sector organizations reliable, high-quality training and development for professional, management and organizational development on both a local and national scale. But why choose Egale Canada?

Did You Know?
Egale is a Vendor of Record for EDI training services with the Government of Ontario

Here’s why you should choose Egale for your 2SLGBTQI training provider over others:

  1. Setting the standard: Learn from Canada’s social justice champion, a force behind the Equal Marriage Act and 14 Supreme Court victories for 2SLGBTQI human rights. For nearly three decades, we’ve excelled in delivering premium learning solutions to federal public service, private sector and non-profit organizations. Our expertise extends across every organizational level, from management functional teams to the broader employee groups, ensuring holistic growth and learning opportunities for everyone. 
  1. Authenticity and empathy-building: Get real with our expert 2SLGBTQI trainers bringing lived experiences to the heart of learning and allowing you to walk in others’ shoes to forge connections that transcend differences. You’ll not only gain knowledge but also connect with the content on a deep, emotional level, making the experience truly meaningful.  
  1. Intersectional approach: We recognize that 2SLGBTQI issues often intersect with other aspects of identity. Our training delves into these intersections, giving you a comprehensive understanding of how your social location shapes the world around you and impacts others. 
  1. Precision in language: Complex and sensitive topics become clear and accessible with our use of thoughtful and accessible language. We believe in conveying even the most intricate ideas in a way that anyone can grasp and appreciate regardless of their background or prior knowledge. 
  1. Real-life application: We’ve put a lot of effort and expertise into creating research-backed learning solutions that stick. What you learn with us isn’t just theoretical; it’s highly practical and immediately applicable to your daily life. We ensure that you leave with the tools to make a tangible difference.
  1. Your safety, our priority: We take your concerns seriously, proactively address them and create a supportive, open, inclusive, and non-judgmental learning environment where every voice is heard and valued. Our philosophy is that no question is a bad question as long as it is asked respectfully.  
  1. Time-valued learning: Your time is precious. We’ve carefully structured the content to respect your commitments and ensure your learning journey is both enjoyable and efficient. 
  1. Immersive production: Experience education like never before with impactful firsthand stories, polls, games, Q&A sessions other interactive elements seamlessly woven into an engaging structured presentation. Your learning journey guided by our expert trainers will be captivating and immersive, leaving a lasting impact and inspiring a true change. Simply put it’s not a lecture; a voyage of discovery you won’t forget.  
  1. Accessibility: Accessibility isn’t an afterthought it’s at the core of our approach. We adhere to best practices in education to improve the accessibility of our training materials for learners with diverse needs. 
  2. Bilingual excellence: We place great importance in offering our learning solutions in both official languages making them more accessible to learners with diverse linguistic needs across Canada.