Coming Out Loud

This year for National Coming Out Day we spotlighted three brave individuals who were ready to come out in a very bold way. Check out their stories!

Hear Our Story

Hear Our Story is a mini-doc series that speaks to people across the 2SLGBTQI community about the issues that impact their lives.

Fix Hearts, Not Parts

Canada continues to allow Intersex Genital Mutilation on infants and children.
We must stop this process.

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National Action Plan for 2SLGBTQI Rights in Canada

We’ve updated the National Action Plan to call on the Federal Government to advance inclusion across Canada

the numbers say it all


Canadian employees report to experiencing discrimination in the workplace.


Homeless youth in Canada identify as 2SLGBTQI.


Trans students have reported experiencing sexual harassment.


2SLGBTQI seniors fear being ‘forced back into the closet’ in residential care.

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By supporting Egale, you can help us create safer spaces for students, homeless youth, athletes, seniors, and even your own family and friends

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