Intersex Community Hub

A Hub by the intersex community, for the intersex community

The term intersex refers to a person whose chromosomal, hormonal or anatomical sex characteristics fall outside the conventional classifications of male or female. Intersex people in Canada continue to be made invisible societally and face undue harm within medical institutions and Canada’s justice system. Egale Canada is working to combat this in a variety of ways including the creation of the Intersex Community Hub.

The Intersex Community Hub has been created by the intersex community, for the intersex community, as well as parents and caregivers of intersex children.

The Intersex Community Hub is a space for members to connect with one another, to ask questions to one another, to share lived experience, to feel heard, and to feel empowered. The hub includes spaces for intersex folks only, as well as spaces for parents and caregivers only, and spaces where everyone can connect with one another.

Members of the hub are able to sign up for free sessions with a trauma-informed counsellor.

Apply to Join the Hub!

If you are an intersex individual or parent or caregiver and are interested in joining the Intersex Community Hub, follow this link to fill out an application form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Intersex Community Hub for?

The Intersex Community Hub is for intersex folks and parents/guardians/caregivers of intersex folks/children/infants.

How Do I Join the Intersex Community Hub?

Once you sign up via our application form we will review and process the request (24-48 hours turnaround during work days). If access is granted, you will receive a link to join the Intersex Community Hub on the platform Circle where you can sign up and join our Intersex Community Hub space.

Why Should I Join the Intersex Community Hub

The Intersex Community Hub is an online space by the intersex community, for the intersex community. In the Hub, you will have full anonymity and will be able to connect with intersex folks and parents and caregivers of intersex children. The Hub is accessible on your phone via the Circle app – on iOS and Android (browser as well), and Hub participants receive access to trauma-informed counselling.

What is Circle?

Circle is a community platform that we’re using to gather community members around intersex content, allow folks to engage in discussions, and connect with others via forum discussions and direct messaging.

Who Can I Contact If I Have Questions About The Hub?

Email our team at

Egale Canada’s Intersex Resources and Information

Coming soon: Egale Canada is currently developing online training modules for medical professionals.

External Intersex Resources and Information

Resources, Research and More

Every Body – Documentary (IMDB webpage)

Intersex Organizations

Intersex Canada


Health Canada / Sante Canada

This project is funded by Health Canada under the Sexual and Reproductive Health Fund (SRHF) 

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