There is a history of trauma and stigma in relation to intersex variations that stems from coercive, non-consensual surgical and pharmaceutical interventions. The lack of disclosure and autonomy given to intersex people is also a long standing issue. This resource was designed to answer common questions that parents of intersex children often have, while empowering parents and their children to make informed decisions based on current research from intersex activism.

This resource for parents of intersex children includes general guidelines for navigating the healthcare system and navigating conversations with your child, your family, and with schools. Since being intersex is often confused with gender identity, we have included a handy guide to help parents understand this distinction themselves, and more easily explain it to others. A curated resource list is included at the end for further information.

It is important to keep in mind that you and your child are partners embarking on this journey. An important part of your role is to preserve and support your child’s autonomy while providing guidance and resources when needed.