Allyship is a verb; it is the continuous practice of doing the work of standing up for marginalized groups. Allyship is not an identity we can claim where we can give ourselves credit for previous practices. Instead, the title of being an ally should only be bestowed us by the groups that we have continually stood up for and stood in solidarity with.

Allyship is a continuous process of:


e.g., Listening to the experiences of perspectives of 2SLGBTQI people


e.g., Intervening when you witness offensive behaviour or language


e.g., Being open to feedback and thinking critically about how your behaviour or actions might impact other people.

Knowing how to respond to a harmful situation can be nerve wracking.

Here are a few things to keep in mind so that you are better prepared:

  • Focus on the effects of the harmful behaviour rather than the intentions.
  • For a direct response to a harmful joke, ask them plainly to explain why it is funny.
  • For an indirect response, refuse to react, laugh, or participate in the harmful conversation.

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