Respecting LGBTQI2S Human Rights in Canada

With the passing of Bill C-16 in May of 2017, the current state of LGBTQI2S human rights progressively and incrementally shifted on a legislative level in Canada. Although there has been increased visibility and representations of LGBTQI2S people in the public sphere during these legislative discussions, there are still significant social disparities between LGBTQI2S communities and the wider cisgender and heterosexual population. Due to the uneven legislative landscape between provinces and territories, and a lack of explicit inclusion within national budgets, strategies, policies, and programming, LGBTQI2S human rights are not consistently recognized or addressed within Canada.

The information presented in our submission will provide:

  • an overview of LGBTQI2S inclusion and human rights in Canada;
  • an analysis of Canada’s commitment to LGBTQI2S inclusion, and;
  • pragmatic recommendations that, when implemented by Canada, will significantly improve the lives of LGBTQI2S people throughout the country