TORONTO: On the eve of Pride celebrations, the venomously homophobic dancehall artist Capleton is scheduled to perform at Toronto’s Sound Academy—formally known as “The Docks”—this Friday, July 1st.


“Capleton” (Clifton G. Bailey) has openly advocated, encouraged and glorified violence against and murder of gays and lesbians. His anti-gay dancehall tracks include lyrics such as: “All queers and sodomites should be killed,” “Yow, string them up and hang them up alive.”


Egale’s Executive Director Helen Kennedy is calling on the concert promoter to revoke the concert permit. “His very presence is a symbol of hate and homophobia and stands against the values enshrined in Canadian law.”


Egale has called on the Sound Academy to do the right thing and cancel the concert. To register your objection, call the Sound Academy at 416-649-7437.