OTTAWA – The Canadian Psychological Association announced today that its Board of Directors has endorsed Canadians for Equal Marriage, a multi-partisan, nation-wide, bilingual campaign to ensure passage of the federal legislation to provide same-sex couples with access to marriage across Canada.


“The motion passed unanimously without debate,” said CPA president Dr. Patrick O’Neill. “The psychological research into lesbian and gay parenting indicates that there are essentially no differences in the psychosocial development, gender identity or sexual orientation between the children of gay or lesbian parents and the children of heterosexual parents.”


“All children deserve to feel that society accepts and recognizes their families, and children of same-sex couples are no exception,” added Dr. O’Neill.


“We are so happy to have the support of the Canadian Psychological ssociation,” said Laurie Arron, Political Coordinator for Canadians for Equal Marriage. “Many people opposed to letting same-sex couples marry mistakenly believe that children would suffer harm as a result. We know that the opposite is true, that children would benefit from it. This is the opinion of not just the Canadian Psychological Association, but also the Canadian Association of Social Workers, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Psychological Association.”


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