On Monday, a new nation-wide Coalition – Canadians for Equal Marriage – will be launched – the same day that Parliament resumes for a landmark session and MPs prepare to vote on a Canadian Alliance resolution to invoke the notwithstanding clause to deny same-sex couples the equal right to marry.


Canadians for Equal Marriage is a non-partisan, grassroots initiative involving Canadians from all walks of life in every province and territory of the country. It includes religious leaders, parents, youth, labour groups, children of same-sex parents and countless others committed to upholding the Canadian values of inclusion, equality and respect. Local branches of Canadians for Equal Marriage are being formed in cities and towns all across Canada.


As one of their first initiatives, Canadians for Equal Marriage will present MPs with more than 20,000 signatures gathered on petitions from communities large and small in all regions of the country.


Members of the Coalition will then spend two focused days on Parliament Hill meeting with MPs to urge them to reject a Canadian Alliance motion that calls for the use of the notwithstanding clause to override the equality rights of same-sex couples.


Details of the Press Conference
Date :Monday, September 15, 2003
Time:10:00 a.m.
Place:Charles Lynch Press Theatre, 130-S
Centre Block, House of Commons

For more information:
Bob Gallagher, Canadians for Equal Marriage (Toronto): 416-456-4043 cell, 416-972-7481
Alex Munter, Canadians for Equal Marriage (Ottawa): 613-580-2474 (w), 613-592-6993 (h)
John Fisher (Press liaison): 613-291-5187